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The accessing of targeted brain tissue without unduly damaging surrounding tissue requires specialized instrumentation that is less invasive in performing critical procedures while minimizing collateral trauma - resulting in accelerated postoperative recovery.

The common instruments used in brain retraction procedures are ribbon or blade retractors that assist in the performance of some intraventricular and sub cortical procedures. Even though these instruments are still in use, neurosurgeons have a need for devices that provide better surgical outcomes – results that are beneficial to both the surgeon and the patient. New and quantifiable technologies such as Image Guided Surgery (IGS) is dependent upon the system recognizing key components (i.e. retractors) and having them become a recognized portion of the system and the procedure.

The ViewSite™ Brain Access System is a revolutionary approach in brain retraction. Each ViewSite system consists of an introducer and a working channel port that allows the surgeon a seamless entry to the targeted site while distributing brain tissue evenly in a 360° dispersion pattern. Other ViewSite benefits include superior binocular vision to see in and around the surgical site; multiple sizes in different widths and lengths to meet all surgical needs and compatibility with most surgical arms to avoid accidental displacement or movement during surgery.

There is now a revolution in using retraction, or a “retraction revolution” – the Vycor ViewSite Brain Access System!

Available Sizes


TC120803 12mm 8mm 3cm
TC120805 12mm 8mm 5cm
TC120807 12mm 8mm 7cm
TC171103 17mm 11mm 3cm
TC171105 17mm 11mm 5cm
TC171107 17mm 11mm 7cm
TC211503 21mm 15mm 3cm
TC211505 21mm 15mm 5cm
TC211507 21mm 15mm 7cm
TC282003 28mm 20mm 3cm
TC282005 28mm 20mm 5cm
TC282007 28mm 20mm 7cm

VBAS vs Standard Retractors

The goal of safely accessing the surgical site and creating a clear and stationary working channel to perform delicate procedures is what the ViewSite is all about. There is no pushing on the surgical site numerous times to see the selected area and no clutter of instrumentation during the procedure. The ample working channel allows for multiple instruments to be used simultaneously while providing an excellent depth of view of the site as well as the brain wall. The working channel comes in four widths – 12mm, 17mm, 21mm and 28mm to meet your exact requirements.

The ViewSite does what standard retraction methods cannot. Contact your local distributor (in the Hospital Resources section) and try the ViewSite for yourself and see why it makes sense for every procedure.

ViewSite positioned to allow access deep in the Brain


The Vycor ViewSite™ TC Model

The revolutionary Vycor ViewSite™ is designed for transcortical use for intracerebral hematomas, AVM, cavernous malformations, metastatic and primary brain tumors, cerebral cysts, intraaaxial tumors and lesions and intraventricular tumors. The TC model can be used in any cranial procedure that is intraventricular or subcortical in nature.












  • 3cm, 5cm and 7cm lengths
  • 12mm, 17mm, 21mm and 28mm widths
  • Packaged individually - one size per box

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