Vycor Medical, Inc. (OTCQB: VYCO) has its corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, FL. The company was formed in 2005 and converted to a Delaware corporation in 2007. Vycor began trading on the public markets in February 2009. The Company now operates two distinct business units, Vycor Medical and NovaVision which nevertheless have a commonality of objectives: to improve patient outcome; address issues that weren’t previously addressable; and do so in a minimally invasive manner. The Company has a significant IP portfolio, with the group as whole having 40 allowed, issued or granted patents and 15 pending patents.

Vycor Medical is a medical device company that designs, develops and markets medical devices for use in neurosurgery. Vycor’s ViewSite Brain Access System (VBAS) represents a step-change improvement over current technologies for accessing regions within the brain. A single-use product that is compatible with neuro-navigational systems, the VBAS includes an introducer and working channel and is available in multiple sizes. Several recent articles in peer-reviewed medical journals have documented the clinical efficacy, superiority and ultimate potential of the VBAS technology. Vycor Medical is ISO 13485:2003 compliant, and VBAS has U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance and CE Marking for Europe (Class III) for brain and spine surgeries, full regulatory approvals in Australia, Canada, China, Korea and Japan and is seeking or has partial regulatory approvals in Brazil, India, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

NovaVision provides vision solutions targeted at a substantial and largely un-addressed market of people who have lost their sight as a result of Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury (neurological brain damage). NovaVision has a family of therapies that both restore lost vision and help to compensate for lost vision and which complement each other to maximise patient benefit. NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) and Sight Science’s Neuro-Eye Therapy (NeET) are restitution or restoration therapies that are designed to improve visual sensitivity in the previously blind zones. NeuroEyeCoach™ provides a complementary therapy to VRT and NeET, which re-trains ability of a patient to move their eyes, re-integrate left and right vision and to make the most of their remaining visual field. NovaVision’s VRT is the only medical device aimed at the restoration of vision for neurologically induced vision loss which has FDA 510(k) clearance to be marketed in the U.S; VRT and NeET both have CE Marking for the EU and NeuroEyeCoach™ is registered in the US as a Class I 510(k) exempt device. The company is continually seeking acquisition, joint venture and in-licensing opportunities which will complement its two existing businesses and add shareholder value.