Vycor Medical was founded on this basic challenge:

 "There must be a better way"

A better way to access surgical locations without unduly damaging surrounding tissue. A less invasive means to perform critical procedures, so that collateral trauma can be minimized and postoperative recovery accelerated. And a better breed of surgical access instrumentation for enhancing performance, safety and results.

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Retraction technology in neurosurgery has not significantly changed in over half a century. Where other forms of diagnostic and operative procedures have advanced by leaps and bounds, this crucial area of surgery has remained virtually in stasis. Understandably, surgeons are seeking solutions. Vycor is leading the way.

The ViewSite™ system is a revolutionary approach in brain retraction and access. The Vycor ViewSite™ TC Model is designed for procedures involving intracerebral hematomas, AVM, metastatic and primary brain tumors and lesions. View more Products information.

- ViewSite receives SFDA regulatory approval and market launch started.

JAPAN - ViewSite debuts at Japan’s Neurosurgery Scientific Exhibit.

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