Vycor Medical, Inc. is dedicated to providing the medical community with innovative and superior neurosurgical and neurotherapeutic solutions. Vycor is guided by a pre-eminent world class Scientific Advisory Team and the Company has a growing portfolio of FDA-cleared medical solutions that are changing lives every day. Vycor Medical operates two distinct but complementary business units. Vycor Medical designs, develops and markets medical devices for use in neurosurgery. NovaVision develops non-invasive, computer-based light stimulation therapies for those suffering from vision loss resulting from neurological trauma such as stroke.

Vycor Medical’s VBAS is a medical device committed to making neurological brain, spinal and other surgical procedures safer and more effective. Vycor’s innovative medical instruments are designed to optimize neurosurgical site access, reduce patient risk, accelerate recovery and add tangible value to the professional medical community.

Vycor Medical’s ViewSite Brain Access System (VBAS) is a suite of clear cylindrical disposable devices used to access target sites such as tumors within the brain which provide both retraction and a stable working channel during neurosurgery for their removal. The FDA 510(k) cleared system provides a minimally invasive approach into the brain, offering clinical advantages that have been validated in various peer-reviewed articles and have enabled previously inoperable procedures to take place, thereby saving and changing lives.

NovaVision provides vision solutions targeted at a substantial and largely un-addressed market of people who have lost their sight as a result of Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury (neurological brain damage). NovaVision has a family of therapies that both restore lost vision and help to compensate for lost vision and which complement each other to maximize patient benefit.

While other rehabilitation modalities such as speech, physical and occupational therapy have been considered a standard of care for stroke and traumatic brain injury there has to date not been any way of comprehensively addressing lost vision. NovaVision’s Visual Restoration Therapy (VRT) and Sight Science’s (NeET) are developed to increase the sensitivity within the blind areas while Novavision’s NeuroEyeCoach (NEC) Therapy is a compensation technique based on over 4 decades of scientific research that is designed to teach patients to direct the gaze towards the affected area bringing previously undetected objects into sight. NovaVision has operations in the US, Germany and UK.

The Vycor Vision

To bring to market devices and therapies which address significant needs across multiple disciplines by working directly with and through the best minds in the healthcare community from around the world. Our products and services are designed to advance the health and well being of people worldwide.