Large Addressable Market Opportunity
Approx. $4 Billion aggregate US/EU market opportunity in stroke/brain injury for Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) and NeuroEyeCoach.

Estimated $700+ Million market opportunity for VBAS family of devices.

High and Stable Gross Profit Margins
Gross profit margin of 80%+

Product And Technologies Validated By Independent Practitioners And Published Clinical Studies
VBAS is a best-in-class medical device whose acceptance is being driven by extensive clinical data supporting its clinical superiority, including 29 peer reviewed papers and 12 other clinical papers/posters.

NovaVision’s products and therapies are used by rehabilitation centers, clinics and physicians in the US and Europe. VRT’s efficacy is supported by 15 years of research and 20 clinical studies and NeuroEyeCoach by several decades of research and 15 studies with over 800 patients. The results of a peer reviewed study on NeuroEyeCoach published in Cortex, the largest ever eye movement clinical study, point to strong efficacy: 87% improvements in search time with 80% of patients making fewer errors; results were shown not to be dependent on age, gender, side of blindness, age at onset of stroke or other brain injuries, nor the elapsed time since the brain injury.

Limited Competition Due To Significant Barriers to Entry
· VBAS has regulatory approval in the U.S., E.U., and numerous other international markets.

· VRT is the only FDA-cleared therapy for restoration of vision loss as the result of stroke or brain damage. NeuroEyeCoach also registered with FDA.

· Robust Patent Estate. Our patent suite spans 72 granted and pending patents globally.

· Well established global footprint.

Management With Significant Personal Investment
Clear alignment of shareholder and management interests with our executives having invested over $4M and waiving cash compensation in favor of equity in Vycor Medical.